15 Uniquely Powerful Websites to Learn New Skills in 2021

Gone are the days when learning something required a large sum of money. Instead, the online education platform has evolved.

Not to mention the fact that you had to be there in class to learn it. Things have changed for the better, thanks to the internet. All you need now is a device and an internet connection to gain access to vast amounts of information and master the skills you choose.

And the great part is that the level of competence is unrestricted. You can learn anything as simple as “crafting” or as complex as “software development.” There’s something out there for everyone. This is what I’m talking about with the e-learning systems on this list.

Before I go into detail about those, I’d want to point out a few more benefits of e-learning.

E-learning saves time and money.

Students can access materials from anywhere at any time using online learning. In addition, they are not required to take time off from work to attend classes.

E-learning is also cost-effective; organizations save money on travel and lodging expenses for both learners and instructors and venue and material expenditures. It also helps to lessen your carbon impact if you don’t print.

Better retention is achieved through e-learning.

Today’s learners prefer bite-sized, engaging content. For example, they’d rather watch a video or listen to a podcast than read a manual’s pages. E-learning tools enable instructors to make content interactive.

The more engaging the subject, the better the students will remember it. In addition, they will be able to retain and apply things at work if they enjoy studying.

E-learning is scalabble.

Scalability is a feature of online learning. It is a one-time investment that you may roll out to as many staff as you require. Of course, the faster you can deduct the cost, the more people who take the course.

E-learning offers personalization.

Each student has his or her own preferences and learning objectives. Therefore, individualized learning is feasible with e-learning.

It enables students to select their own learning route and proceed at their own pace. As a result, they remain invested in the course once they have decided what to study and when to learn it.

There is no limit to how many times you can attend a lecture.

Unlike traditional classroom instruction, online learning allows you to view the material as many times as you choose. This is especially important while preparing for an exam and revising.

If you can’t attend a lecture in traditional learning, you’ll have to prepare for that topic on your own; in eLearning, you can attend lectures whenever you want with ease.

Offers Access To Updated Content

One of the most significant advantages of online learning is that it keeps you in step with modern learners. This allows the student to have access to the most up-to-date content whenever they desire.

Let’s take a closer look at the platforms now. These 15 websites can potentially teach you everything you want to know – possibly even for free. So, what do you have to lose? Make this year a year of personal growth!

15 Websites You Can Learn New Skills


Skillcrush is a fantastic resource for people who want to learn to code, which is increasingly becoming a necessary skill in today’s environment. In addition, there are numerous coding, design, user experience, and digital marketing courses available.

The website appeals to users because it can be completed entirely online and allows them to study at their own speed.

Furthermore, these courses are not solely theoretical, and you will complete full-scale projects that you can include in your portfolio. This platform allows you to learn a necessary skill in today’s tech-driven environment.


Udemy is one of the most popular e-learning sites, with more than 150,000 courses and 50 million students. They provide a large library of courses organized by topic, such as development, business, finance & accounting, IT & software, office productivity, personal development, etc.

Each category has its own sub-categories, so you can be sure there are plenty of alternatives. While the majority of them are paid courses, there are over 6500 free ones that are well worth checking out.


Coursera also features courses from world-class colleges and companies that award certificates and degrees, taking things a step further. They’re working with some of the largest names in the industry, such as IBM, Google, and the University of Michigan.

This platform has quizzes and hands-on projects interspersed throughout the course materials, allowing you to put what you’ve learned into practice. In addition, deep learning, big data, machine learning, data science, digital marketing, and other topics are covered in their courses.

If you want to learn a new skill for a future job, Coursera might be the place to go. They give your studying time a lot of legitimacy.


Pluralsight’s teaching style is a little different. They offer seminars as well as data on how to put these ideas into effect. The courses are largely focused on software development and IT, but there is a lot more you can learn from them.

This platform exemplifies the phrase “making it happen.” They don’t just bombard you with a slew of courses; instead, they help you figure out what’s right for you and then help you master it.


Learnist dubbed the “Pinterest of online learning,” is a crowd-sourced learning website with “learnboards” – photos, videos, and text on themes like technology, arts, crafts, history, and cooking.

Learn how to make latte art, win at Yahtzee, ace a job interview, and pack like a flight attendant! Learnist now offers 99-cent premium boards designed by professionals, even though most of the information is user-generated and free.


Another excellent tool for learning how to code is Codeacademy. You can also learn how to create websites, conduct data analysis, and write real, usable code.

What helps is that you can get fast feedback on your coding, so you can figure out what has to be improved right away.

Codeacademy illustrates that anyone can code if they have an interest and inclination, in a short length of time.


CreativeLive broadcasts live seminars with creative specialists worldwide on themes like photography, film, design, business, audio, music, crafting, and software development, as the name suggests.

More than 600 classes are available for purchase on the site, with prices ranging from $100 to $200 each lesson. Alternatively, you can watch free live broadcasts indefinitely. Each program has dozens of lessons as well as additional reading materials.


Katacoda demonstrates that coding does not have to be tedious. They’ve adopted a “fun” approach to teaching technical topics like Kubernetes and Machine Learning, making it easier for you to absorb the information.

They have over 250 free courses to begin with, and all of them allow you to put what you’ve learned into practice, so you’re not only “learning” but also “doing.” If you want to work as a developer, this site can help you.


Udacity teaches you what IT employers want and equips you with the most sought-after abilities. Data Science, Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Business, Cloud Computing, and more courses are available.

Each of their courses includes activities, as well as personal assistance from their support staff. The information is aimed at helping you land your next job in the tech business. So, if that’s something you’ve always wanted to do, this is the place to go.

Udacity has graduated over 100,000 students, and you may be the next.


Lynda is a knowledge platform that makes it simple to gain the skills you want, thanks to their extensive course library. Software development, web development, design, business, photography, and marketing are just a few areas.

You can access all of their on-demand courses with a single membership. Don’t forget to take advantage of their present free month offer to try out their site.


Skillshare charges a monthly subscription fee for access to all of their courses. This platform is very young, yet it is quickly becoming one of the most popular.

Some of the themes covered: Illustration, design, lifestyle, photography, filming, business, and writing are just a few examples.

The majority of the courses (also known as “classes”) aren’t very in-depth at first. To learn everything there is to know about the subject; you’ll most likely have to take many classes on it. Overall, this is an incredible platform, and it is without a question one of my favorites.


Drawspace is a website where you may master shading methods, learn to draw people and animals, create cartoons, or try your hand at acrylic painting. It is widely regarded as one of the largest and most comprehensive art instruction websites on the internet.

Drawspace has 428 lessons, with about 15% of them being free. An annual membership with unrestricted access costs around $150.

Electric Literature

Electric Literature has been described as a “heaven for book lovers of all ages” by some. Poetry, literary criticism, short stories, and fascinating infographics are among the many types of content available on the website.

Plus, fresh content is added every week! Electric Literature will help you stimulate your gray cells if you feel like your brain is getting exhausted at work. The doctor prescribed imaginative novels and poems.


GoSkills is a multi-award-winning website where you can learn a range of skills in areas such as finance, design, project management, and more.

You only need one membership to gain access to a large number of bite-sized courses, and the platform is mobile-friendly, allowing you to learn on the go.

You may assess your talents and weaknesses, track your progress, get certifications, and earn badges as you go. Make sure to take advantage of their free trial.


Have you ever been curious about how things work? HowStuffWorks is a wonderful resource for the scientific enthusiast who wants to gain a broad understanding of a subject. The website’s primary goal is to explain how things work in life, particularly in the sciences.

To help the reader understand science, the website employs a variety of visual aids, including films, animation, images, and diagrams. In addition, the website’s content is quite conversational and light-hearted, and you may pick up a lot of knowledge and information without even recognizing you’re doing so.


Because you never know when trends will shift, learning new skills is the best move someone can make. The sites listed above will assist you in learning and mastering your desired talents at any time and from any location.

You may learn the most difficult skills from the best instructor, all from the comfort of your own home, using your computer. The advantage of online learning is that you can plan your studying schedule, and it is inexpensive.

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