6 Prettiest Natural Springs In Florida That is Worth Every Penny

You’ve braved the beaches and grown bored of crowded theme parks, but have you spent time exploring Florida’s finest springs? It’s challenging to choose which freshwater spring to visit first because they’re all stunning.

Snorkelers and scuba divers love the twisting labyrinth of underwater caves found in several of Florida’s best springs. Others lease kayaks and canoes to guests who want to take advantage of the wide stretches that flow into adjacent rivers.

The water temperature never rises beyond a crisp, delightful 72 degrees, and you can see entire ecosystems living through the crystal clear water: aquatic vegetation, beautiful rock formations, and animals like manatees and turtles.

This list of the top Florida springs will help you narrow down your options.

Devil’s Den

Because it’s a privately operated scuba diving center, you’ll have to pay an entrance charge when you arrive.

To appreciate the venue, you’ll need to snorkel or scuba dive, as swimming isn’t permitted. If you don’t have your equipment, don’t worry; you can rent it on-site.

Visitors enter a tunnel through a wooden stairway that appears to open out into another ethereal world. Divers can dive up to 54 feet into the springs (120 feet in diameter) to view the clear, aqua water that is constantly 72 degrees, making it one of Florida’s most fabulous springs.

Devil’s Den is, without a doubt, one of Florida’s most beautiful and mysterious springs.


Three Sisters Springs, Crystal River

Crystal River is a vast network of around 40 natural springs that originate in King’s Bay and flow into the Gulf of Mexico, roughly 90 minutes north of Tampa Bay.

Crystal River, which is only accessible by boat, has acquired the moniker of “water lover’s paradise” due to the abundance of activities and wildlife to view. Kayak, canoe, or paddleboard are the only ways to experience this natural beauty.

The region has been protected by hardworking residents who realize the genuine magnificence of this set of natural Florida springs, making it a sanctuary for snorkelers, swimmers, and divers.


Rainbow River

Rainbow Springs is Central Florida’s oldest and finest spring, with evidence that people have enjoyed it for over 10,000 years.

Before taking a relaxing swim, visitors are suggested to walk through the moss-covered Cypress trees to see flower gardens,waterfalls, and five main springs.

You will be awestruck by the natural beauty of Florida springs, which offers numerous adventures and facilities.

A massive swimming area with white sand and limestone beneath your toes may be found near the river’s headwaters. Man-made waterfalls and natural gardens flank a favorite location for Florida birders, the nature paths.

Rainbow Springs is known for its swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, and kayaking, so those looking to relax will be spoiled for choice. The more daring can rent a tube and float down the river or hike one of the trails where fox squirrels, turkeys, and deer can be seen.

Rainbow River is one of Florida’s most popular and attractive natural springs because of its blend of activities, environment, and animals.

Ginnie Springs

Ginnie Springs is one of Florida’s most popular tourist destinations. This large property dishes up a plate brimming with enjoyment since it connects to several springs by the Santa Fe River. It’s difficult to beat the primary attraction. Every tourist has enticed to at least dip a toe in the crystal clear turquoise water.

Tubing, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming are all available to visitors and campgrounds with picnic tables, grills, and volleyball courts! If you wish to extend your visit, a rental cottage is available to help you make the most of your time in one of Florida’s most fabulous springs.

The beautiful water will reward you with views of bass, catfish, mullet and if you’re lucky, turtles if you decide to snorkel or paddleboat along the springs. It’s also one of Florida’s greatest springs, with campsites that make it a favorite spot for weekend vacations and parties!

Rafting is another popular activity in Ginnie Springs. Put on some sunscreen and get on an inflatable (tube-shaped or otherwise) to float about.


Alexander Springs

Many believe this Florida first magnitude spring to be one of the simplest and most accessible for tourists to explore and enjoy, particularly for younger and older explorers.

Swimmers and divers are eased into the cold, crystalline waters by a gradual slope. Snorkelers are surrounded by tiny bubbles created by a smooth limestone floor.

Biking, horseback riding, fishing, kayaking, and canoeing are just a few of the popular activities with families.

The indigenous Timucuan people previously lived at Alexander Springs, thriving in the woods of maples, sweetgum, and cabbage palms. Nature trails include instructional information that identifies the plants that the Timucua might eat.

We advise you to leave just footprints and take only memories when visiting these natural springs in Florida since the Timacuan were known to appreciate and even repent for their usage of the plant life.


Weeki Wachee Springs

Have you ever felt that, while the natural springs in Florida are lovely, they lack in whimsy? Then you’re in luck since Weeki Wachee Springs is next on our list, where you may encounter a genuine, living mermaid!

Okay, mermaids aren’t real, but the glowing fins worn by the swimmers only enhance the allure of paradise, paying homage to the glory days of Florida tourism.

As if Weeki Wachee wasn’t enough family-friendly, it also has Buccaneer Bay, the only water park in the world fed by a first-magnitude spring. It’s one of Florida’s most incredible water parks!

Swimming is only authorized in Buccaneer Bay. The spring joins the Weeki Wachee River on its more than seven-mile journey to the Gulf of Mexico.

This glistening and transparent stream is one of the best locations to kayak. You could see an alligator, a bald eagle, a turtle, or an otter if you look attentively.

In Conclusion

During the warmest summer days, you can cool yourself by diving in, or in the winter, you can swim or canoe with the friendly manatees.

What will always be remembered is the one-of-a-kind and tranquil trip you had in the gorgeous natural setting Florida has to offer. We hope you find this list of Florida springs useful in organizing your trip!

We strongly advise verifying each location’s updated operations during COVID-19 since some of these natural Florida springs require reservations and have restricted hours. Some services may be halted or limited to a smaller number of people. Stay safe and prepared!

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