Sometimes we feel we are not getting anywhere in life, stuck in just one place and don’t appear to be moving. At times, it is as if we are moving one step forward and a mile backward. This often makes one upset and frustrated. Thus, we try everything in our power to press ahead, but unfortunately, it seems too difficult. One reason why is we keep making the same mistakes that ultimately produce the same results. I know this because I did it for years. My behavior and how I approach things had changed and I kept hitting the same wall of mistakes. I had to put away my old feelings and start fresh by picking up a new attitude. I am happy to say that my new approach has given me a new lease on life.

When my son diagnosed with a severe mental disorder ten years ago, initially, I was devastated. Because of it, I could not share my feelings with anyone, not even with my family members. It took me five years to recover from the traumatic news. Now, I have changed my attitude; I’m no longer ashamed to share my feelings with others.


My change of attitude began from a random meeting at the park. I met a lovely lady while walking in the park. As we were talking, she mentioned her son had a mental disorder while working as a doctor. I realized mental disorder affects people all walks of life. It makes me change the way I was thinking and become more involved in the community volunteer works.

There are some standard methods I have discovered that can enable all Super Moms to achieve success in personal life situations. They are;

1. Stop complaining: Complaints won’t better or resolve the problem rather it will aggravate and worsen the condition. When I heard the news of my son’s health, I was guilty of complaining. For years, I complained and lost hope, because I discovered that his condition was not improving. After putting a stop to my complaints, I showed him more care, loved him as my son encouraged him to take his medication, and I found out that with no complaints, I faced with the reality of caring for my son and helping him during the difficult times. This gave me a peace, of mind.

2. Be Strong handle the situation: Be bold to address the situation, and this will lead you to be brave which will trigger you to care for your loved ones. You must realize that God has not given you the spirit of fear and timidity but of a sound mind. You must know that it is not the fault of your children. Our kids are wonderfully, and they are blessed to be a blessing. They are only victims, and hence they will be victorious. Know that with God, you, your family, your loved ones and your community are making progress to a better future. Say I refuse to fail; I refuse to be small; I refuse to be held back by this situation. I move forward. I will succeed. I will be big! We all aware that life is challenges with highs and lows, So, brace yourself, gather up your strength and face the situation head on. We all moms have the power to make change and peace. We cannot be limit by any negative influences of the world. We all walk in the same shoes. Together, we can all make our strength stronger

3 Love nature: The glitter in the night sky looks as if I could scoop it all up in my hands and let the stars swirl and touch one another, but they are so distant, so very far apart, that they cannot feel the warmth of each other so I just admire and love them all. I have found one of the things that helps to relieve my stress in nature. The visual scene of the waterfall and magnificent background of a mountain range has a calm and relax feeling for me. It’s Inspiring when I think about small I am compared to the earth and how small the earth is compared to the entire universe. Then I think about my problems are insignificant in comparison. Mother nature brings it all back into perspective for me, so I can solve problems or more on with a clear peaceful mind.

4. Don’t look back, but move on and forge ahead: We need to love and cherish our children, tell them we love them, hug and be there for them no matter the circumstances affecting them. I remember when I First came to the States with my sons, I was discouraged by my friends and family. I was told I would not be able to make it. My marriage fell apart. Own my own with a son to raise. I was fully aware that if I didn’t move on, I was going to become resentful and fulfill their prophecy of failure. I forged on and carried out my own life. Eventually I made it.

5. Do not compare yourself with others, be you!: Long before I had a change in my mindset and attitude, I used to compare myself with other people and Compared myself to their lives. I used to think if I wasn’t doing something similar I was wrong. Comparing oneself with others is very dangerous game. One will become a fake person. I think it is important to be true to oneself so that things in life will be clear to that person. Knowing that I like and don’t like help me become my own person. Knowing who I am made it easier see opportunities for myself. From this my advice is to sharpen your talents, gifts, skills, trade and profession and when the opportunity shows up, you are sure to be successful. It’s is also important to get out of one’s comfort zone every once in a while. Part of my problem was it was comfortable for me compare and copy what other were doing. I didn’t have to do any work and hampered my own possibility for success. I had to make real efforts to became successful. I launched Super Moms make money not from my comfort zone, but from my hard work and diligence and now I show my true self to the world.

6. Seek knowledge: Knowledge is a principal thing to attaining success. Seeking knowledge is Related to # 5 method. Knowing oneself a person can better seek knowledge that is suited for that person. I suggest something that motivates and inspires. Therefore, seek your own knowledge. Read productive books and journals, ask questions to those ahead of you in your related topics. I personally get motivated and inspired from authors like TD Jack Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer.

7. Ask for help: Asking for help seems easy but it is very hard for people to admit. I had to say to myself “Hey I need Help!” It is really a major first step. With that being said, seek help from productive and experienced people who have thrived in that challenge or same thing you are going through. This will give insight to you on how to go about the problem and come out of it victorious. Remember, I am not the same anymore because I opened my mouth and asked for help. Keeping silent will not make you come out of the situation, but rather you will be hurt and isolated.






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Razia Rahman

Razia Rahman

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