Get Paid to Read Ads with 10 Most Trusted PTC Sites

There are millions of people around the world who depend on the PTC sites (earn money by clicking ads) when it comes to meeting their additional income requirements.

But only a fraction of the people earns good money from these PTC sites. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main reasons is that many of them join the PTC scam websites.

Therefore, you should not worry because we have tried hundreds of sites and after we have done our research and received payments from some of the sites, we may recommend that you obtain additional revenue from these PTC sites.

PTC sites are nothing more than payments to click on the sites where you can participate and receive payment for viewing the ads. If you work on a website every 5 to 7 minutes every day, you can earn $ 200 per month.

Participating in a PTC site is completely free. In this article, I have discussed the highest paying ptc sites without investment.

There are some tips if you follow and do correctly, you can earn more than $ 200 per month on these sites by working on these sites for 30 minutes to 1 hour.


Yes, PTC sites do pay. However, like any other business opportunity, this niche is also full of legitimate and fraudulent websites.

I have to earn money with PTC websites, I have seen that many of the websites that closed did not begin with the intention of defrauding their members.

In fact, they simply could not stand. Probably due to an unrealistic business model or because they never had enough advertisers.

So, the crux of the matter is that PTC sites do pay. Many of the genuine PTC sites are there for the last 10–12 years, which means they are paying their members for more than a decade.

Winning from PTC really requires time and patience. PTC sites pay through PayPal and Bitcoin, so you must register an account with these two payment processors.

Once you have the amount in your PayPal / Bitcoin account, you can transfer it to your local bank account.


We have done a full investigation and have received various payments from these 10 PTC sites. So you can become a member of the members of these 10 most important PTC websites. Although we have found a number of more reliable sites, we plan to include only these 10 main sites.

1. ClixSense

ClixSense is undoubtedly one of the most reliable PTC sites on the internet. There are several ways you can earn money with ClixSense. If you only work seriously on ClixSense, you can earn $100-$200 from this website. ClixSense is one of the best ptc sites with high pay.


  • Earn dozens of advertisements daily
  • Multiply your earnings with recommendations or premium membership
  • Earn money by making offers and completing surveys
  • Earn daily prizes of up to $ 10.00
  • Fast payment via Payza or Payoneer


NeoBux offers you the opportunity to make a lot of money. If you are active and use all forms of income that you offer, you can earn $100 or more with NeoBux only.

Everybody knows that this is the PTC site that paid its members more than any other PTC site, and that NeoBux is the PTC site with the best rank in Alexa for several years.

Benefits: –

  • Direct payments
  • A large number of advertisements available daily.
  • Various updates that offer greater profit potential
  • Pay more for the same effort.
  • The only PTC that gives you the option of not paying for an update. You can win it as a prize and earn points and exchange them for the update.
  • Earn daily prizes of up to $ 90.00
  • You can earn with your rented and direct references.
  • One of the few PTC / GPT sites that PayPal still uses
  • They are paid immediately via PayPal, Payza, NETELLER or Skrill.

A comment from a Neobux member who earns $ 100 a day has changed all my ideas. He explained a simple strategy that every new member can apply and earn $ 600 per month after 6 months of membership.

I’ve done a lot of research on this strategy, I’ve applied it to my account and earned $ 230 in just 20 days.

You can read this complete Neobux strategy here and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and earn at least $ 500 a month after working for 6 months 10 minutes per day.

Become a member of NeoBux now


You can earn money by completing surveys, filling in offers from different companies and even playing online games. There is another way to make money by winning Raffles, Competitions and Lucky Numbers.

If you want to receive more money, you can send PrizeRebel to your friends and family via Facebook, WhatsApp, and other ways and earn 20% of the income for life.

You earn in coins, and you get $ 1 for every 100 coins. You can get your winnings via PayPal, BitCoin or gift vouchers.

Become a member of PrizeRebel


Though Paidverts is not as old as NeoBux and ClixSense, it quickly wins the trust of one of the best-paid PTC sites. People earn a lot of income in Paidverts. The concept differs from other PTC sites.

When you join Paidverts, you must click 16 Bonus Ad Points (BAP) or Daily Activation until you click 100 total BAP ads. You will start receiving paid ads after you click on 100 BAP ads.

The value of paid advertisements depends on the amount of BAP accrued. Try and get as much as BAP as you can.

Become a member of Paidverts here


This is another trusted site for international members, but if you are from the US. UU. And in the United Kingdom, you get more surveys and offers. There are several ways to earn with InboxDollars.

There are many users out there who earn more than $ 100 + per month on this website and work 5-10 minutes a day.

I have written a full review of InboxDollars here that can help you get a good extra income from this website.

The people of the USA and the United Kingdom can register here with InboxDollars.

These are some of the most important PTC sites you can join, get security or see hundreds of ads and other regular earnings and payment offers. All these sites have an excellent payment history with good feedback from their members.


  1. Get used to seeing all ads daily at the time of repair.
  2. Go for a premium membership if you can.
  3. Collect as many people as possible via e-mail, Facebook, WhatsApp and other forms.


One of the best PTC sites that pay up to $ 0.01 for every ad. You can multiply your earnings by promoting Scarlet clicks on your circle of friends via WhatsApp or Facebook.

You can only withdraw $ 2. Receive your payments via Skrill, Payeer, Bitcoin. There are 6 annual membership types available so that you can buy money with the clicks from Scarlet. You can find more information in the frequently asked questions on the website.

Join the clicks of Scarlet now



All the features of the planet GPT are like the clicks of Scarlet. You can also buy references of interest in both sites in case you can not refer anyone.

Here is the minimum withdrawal $ 1. You will find professional support on GPT planet. Apart from the ads, you can receive online payments for simple tasks and complete offers.

Join GPT Planet from Here.


It is a very profitable PTC site where you can get up to $ 0.03 per click. There is good news if you want to promote YouGetProfit. You get 2 commission from the purchase of reference level.

The minimum payment is $ 2, and you immediately receive a payment on request. It is a perfect site for people who want to get great income through the PTC sites.

Become a member of YouGetProfit


It is an excellent site for people who want to earn money by promoting referrals. You can get a reference income of 5 levels in Donkey Mails. You can earn additional revenue by playing games and navigating manually.

There are registration offers that can pay you up to $ 250 + new daily offers. Payments are available via Bitcoin, Payeer, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, etc.

Join Donkey Mails


FamilyClix is a fast-growing PTC site with a total membership of approximately 400,000. They have paid more than 650,000 so far.

There are several ways to earn in FamilyClix. Earn up to $ 0.02 with your click and click on your reference. You can get up to $ 10 per reference update.

Join FamilyClix

You can receive your earning from all these sites via PayPal, Payza, Payoneer or check. The account is free on all these sites. You can withdraw your PayPal or Payza income from your local bank account.


Neobux is an ad site that pays you for clicking on the ads. After joining Neobux, you become a member and you are offered 24 ads a day to click.

The more you click, the more money you earn. However, they pay $ 0.001 per click, so to earn more money you have to get referrals, either direct or rented referrals.

So, what this basically means is that the number of ads you click is the amount of money you earn.

You can trigger your earnings by getting direct references, renting references and remaining an active member.


To obtain the maximum number of direct referrals, one should promote their referral links as much as possible. The best ways is to create a blog, write a review about it and make sure your review ranks well. If that sounds too much, just buy advertising and announce your referral link on it.


Each referral is available at the cost of $ 0.2 in Neobux in packages of 3, 5, 10 … up to 100.

When you have enough balance in your Neobux account, be sure to rent references instead of withdrawing money. Many times, you will lose money on rental referral, but you can minimize the loss by making use of options such as Automatic payment and Automatic renewal.


Just having a long list of referrals is not enough. You must be an active member yourself to make sure you receive credit for the clicks from your referrals, as this is the Neobux requirement. You cannot be an inactive member and expect your referrals to do the work for you.


Gold membership is available for 1 year for $90. The advantage of this membership is that you will double the commission on your own and your referral clicks. Then, to double your income, you can update and become a gold member. Even with the normal activity of your referrals, you will recover your cost.


Simply being active and clicking on your ads is not enough. You must be sure to pay attention at the time of the server; otherwise, clicks from your referrals will not be credited to your account.

I am sure that if you work seriously on these 10 sites, you can get a better extra income. There are dozens of legitimate online jobs and if you want to know more ways to win and tips on how to earn more, subscribe to the blog below and keep visiting my blog SuperMomsMakeMoney.

get paid with read ads from 10 ptc sites

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