Gardening with kids


If you have young children, then an indoor and outdoor gardening is the perfect opportunity to teach them about nature.Gardening with kids will strongly help to learn about nature but also encourage them for green living.

It is also ideal for teaching your kids about the responsibility needed to care for something on an ongoing basis. When it comes to growing an indoor and outdoor gardening with your child, simple is best. As they prove they can take care of a small, simple garden they can expand the number and range of plants – perhaps they can even start caring for their plants outside.

“Have fun gardening with kids “

To encourage the learning opportunity, purchase clear containers to grow the plants in. If you cannot find clear containers specifically designed for plant-growing, make your own with recycled pop bottles or glass jars – just make sure there are drainage holes or a layer of gravel at the bottom before you adding the soil. Once the plants start to grow the roots will become visible in the container.

Gardening with kids

Children will love to grow their vegetables and maybe even eat them once they are ready. Buy each child a large container to have as their own and let them pick the type of plant they want to grow. You can purchase the seeds from the store or save them from the produce you eat. Some natural fruits and vegetables to grow are:

• Carrots
• Tomatoes
• Radishes
• Garlic greens
• Potatoes
• Spinach
• Onions

Have your children plant the seeds about 1 inch down into the soil. If the plants are properly watered and have adequate sunlight, you should see the beginnings of new plants in two to three weeks.

To organize and keep track of many seedlings, make some natural garden markers. Here are some simple and easy ideas. It will keep them busy and responsible all summer. I love gardening it makes me happy and a good therapy for me. I have lots of houseplants which I love them and it’s making me happy.

More Info

• Collect small rocks and paint them with your children.
• Use a permanent color pen to write the names of the seeds you’ve planted on each one.
• Kids Write the names of the plants on the sticks and push them into the soil.
• Paint plastic spoons in fun colors before writing the names of the seeds on them.
• Decorate wooden clothespins and clip them to twigs pushed into the soil.

“Getting with children to help take care of plants is a powerful addition to their chore list.”

Kids are responsible for the health of their plants, and if they choose not to fulfill this responsibility, then the only circumstance is that the plants will not flourish and eventually die. If this does occur, it is a fantastic opportunity to teach your child about cause and effect and the consequences of their actions.

Planting indoors is a fantastic way for you and your children to welcome Spring and warmer weather! Especially if you do not have the outdoor space for growing a full garden, indoor gardens are the perfect solution to bringing nature indoors.

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