Trust is an important factor in building strong relationships with other people. In the world of sales, whether customers are online or not, the same thing happens, and its effects can translate into a higher sales volume.

However, gaining the trust of online customers is not as easy as it could be in offline relationships in which both the customer and the seller can see each other’s faces.

For this reason, many entrepreneurs want to position their company on the Internet, because in this way they achieve more excellent visibility and are more likely to gain the trust of online customers and increase their sales.

Achieving this goal becomes a challenge for many online marketers, especially when the company does not have enough time to go on the market.

When a company is starting, winning the trust of customers is a little more complicated because they feel doubts and concerns when making purchases.

The good news is that there are a variety of strategies through which it is possible to build an online reputation, good enough to win the trust of customers in your web store.

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1. Create A Page That Transmits Professionalism From The Beginning:

When an online site seems improvised and has no coherence between the content it presents, interested people opt for rejection attitude.

The chances are that your potential online customers will flee discarding the store, and if they have taken the risk of making a purchase, it is difficult for them to return.

The resolution that the site presents is an aspect to take care of. Its design must also allow it to adapt to different devices, that is, to have a responsive design.

The spelling and grammar are also key points; no one would trust a store whose contents are not even well written, nothing more demotivating than this.


2. Demonstrate To Customers That You Care:

You must demonstrate that your company spends time and effort in building trust making use of all available resources. Among them are informative videos, online brochures, downloadable cards with company data and all the ways to contact them, among others.


3. Have An Exclusive Email From The Company:

When online customers see a corporate email, they also tend to feel more confident because it conveys seriousness and commitment, as well as looking more professional and trustworthy.

4. Have a Presence On Social Networks:

Social networks are a key factor today since many of the online customers use them frequently and it is easier to reach them.

When there is proximity, customers perceive that in case of any doubt, they can contact the company by any means and it will be there, present to assist them.

However, it is necessary to provide answers that try to respond to the concerns that arise, so having a presence in the networks alone is not enough, but these are a means to build ties of closeness and strengthen the relationship with customers online, and offline.

5. Publicize The Satisfaction Of Other Customers:

When reading that other people have had a good experience in the purchase process with the company, potential online customers will feel motivated and feel more secure to make the transaction.

The videos or the way in which the testimonies are sent must be of quality. If it is done with a video, it must be of quality; it cannot be blurred. It must be done with good lighting, in a suitable space, and it must also be edited to make it look as good as possible.

If it is the testimony of an influential person, the results can be seen immediately for those online sellers.

6. Give Products Guarantee:

The objective of this is to reduce the customer’s insecurity by knowing they can get their money back if there is an error in the order, some inconvenience with the delivery, if the product has a factory defect, or just was not what I expected.

7. Send Emails:

The emails as a communication channel serve to inform the client about the new products, deals, promotions or offers that can be found on the company’s website.

Email marketing plays an important role in online business when it comes to adding customers or building loyalty.

8. Be Honest:

Being honest means that you should never cheat customers with false promises, or lie about the characteristics of a product, just to get the sale. This destroys the reputation.

Sales will increase when proven sincerity since customers know how to reward the honesty of companies doing their shopping on another occasion. The sincerity is decisive to have a good image before the clients.

9. Become An Authority:

The best way to achieve this is through the useful content that your company offers.

When customers perceive that the company knows what they are doing, that their answers are concise and that they also have specialized staff to assist them and experts in the area, the security of online clients increases considerably.

These basic principles are not flawed when it comes to gaining the trust of online customers, and even loyalty.

It is recommended that they be complemented with contents that are original and that the company integrates elements that differentiate them from the rest of the competition.

Oh, I’m aware it is 9 tips instead of 10. Complete it in the comment section below.

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