5 Mind Blowing Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Quit Your Job

“Never give up” is one of those motivational phrases that we all repeat. What we do not talk so much about is its opposite, the need to learn to let go of things that are no longer working, from beliefs to relationships and even jobs. Before you quit your job, consider this questions.

A friend of mine Joel decided to move to Carolina, He gave up two jobs that he loved, though no one will love to continue doing the same thing forever; that allowed him to start a career as Developer, something that was very far from his reach when I lived in Michigan. Four years later, the need to learn more returned, to take challenges, to grow a little bit. In addition, he felt a little dissatisfied with the company and the work environment. Then, again, he said goodbye to a job. On both occasions, he did it without having another job offer, but not without a plan.

The change is very scary and when we involve money in the equation it is easy to become paralyzed and stay in bad work situations as long as we do not live in uncertainty, but sometimes the best things come from taking risks.

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Here, of course, I have to say that even if it’s fun to have those fantasies, I’m not recommending that nobody has a cinematic moment of those in which the character shouts “I quit!” And never looks back. As a good person who loves lists, what I recommend is to make the decision both with the head and with the heart and be prepared for what may come.


That’s why, speaking of lists, here are 5 questions that you can ask yourself to know if it is time to leave your current job:

Do you have a plan?

After the lists, my second favorite thing is the plans. Giving up can generate a lot of stress, as well as money problems and even conflicts with the family. Make things easier and get ready: calculate your fixed expenses and generate a savings goal , talk to your family, roomies or partner to find out if they could support you and how they would do it, find out about the labor market in your industry, think how you will use your New free time and consider what is the worst possible scenario to decide if you would be willing to go through it. For example, you may need to move with your parents to avoid paying rent or having to do odd jobs with a lower payment than you previously received.

Are you excited to go to the office?

Yes, I know, very few people react to your alarm with a smile from ear to ear, but if no project, event or board stimulates you, if all day you are thinking about what you will do when you get home or if sometimes you do not even get up, it’s time to reflect.

How is your relationship with your bosses and colleagues?

before your quit your job

The jobs are not just about fulfilling certain tasks, much of our day also has to be invested in socializing with our team. For me, if those relationships become blurred, the other aspects of employment also suffer. If you do not have good chemistry with the people you see every day and that is affecting your productivity and your mood, it is valid to think about when to quit your job.

Do you know what you want and what you DO NOT want?

When we no longer want to be in a work situation, everything starts to bother us: from the sound of our companion’s nose to the policies of the company’s travel expenses. Therefore, it is important that you make a more rational analysis and decide what you would like to look for in your new job and what things you would not accept. For example, are you looking for full time or a more flexible schedule? How much is the minimum that you would accept to win? What benefits are essential for you?

Answering these questions will allow you to do a more focused search, not one in which you take the first offer that they put in front of you. The goal should not be to get any other job, but one that is good for you.

Before You Quit Your Job, Do you know what else you would like to do?

before your quit your job

Although it is certainly not impossible, it is harder to say goodbye to a job when we do not know what other position we would like to have. If you already have a clear idea, investigate and ask people who work in that company or industry to know more about the opportunities that exist. Networking is a horrible word, but the truth is that it works.


The answer to discomfort at work is not always to give up. If you do not want to go through the search for a new job, you can talk to your boss and ask to be part of different projects, make a change in your internal attitude or even start more satisfying activities in your free time, because ” do what you love” It cannot always translate into “making money by doing what you love”. Sometimes a job is just a job, not a passion, but that does not mean we have to be unhappy for more than eight hours a day.

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