Saving Tips – 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Rent

In the long term, buying things is usually cheaper than renting them, but sometimes leasing is the best option. You may only need a tool for a job or want to try something before you buy it. Or maybe you do not have space in your garage for anything else. If this is the case, you’ll need to check the list of things you might not know you can rent and save money.

Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes can cost hundreds of dollars. If this is not within your budget, consider renting a fake cake from a company like FunCakes. They create great polystyrene foam cakes. Then decorate them with coils, so that they look like a real deal. There are even hidden pieces in the back where you can put a slice of a real cake, so you can get cut off your cake pictures and bite first.

Take the cake to the kitchen to “slice” once you have taken all the pictures with the cake. Then, bring slices of cake to your guests. Paper cake is cheaper, especially when you have a crowd to feed. Ask your baker to match the ice on both cakes, and your guests will not notice the change.


The casket is the most expensive part of planning for a funeral, with an average casket costing $1,500, another costing up to $10,000! Save money by renting a luxury casket for the funeral. Then bury a loved one in a simple box. Rentals can cost less than $800, so it is definitely something to deliberate on. It can be appropriate to discuss with your loved ones in advance, so everyone knows the plan and feel comfortable when the time comes.


Baggage takes up a lot of space when you’re not using it. Keep your garage clear and save money by renting, instead of buying. Sites like Rent Luggage facilitate the selection of everything you need for your next trip: suitcases, tents, specialized bags for sports equipment, etc. Then, they ship it before your trip, so you have plenty of time to pack


Are you considering getting a flock in the backyard, but are you worried that it won’t be fun raising chickens as much as you think you will do? Before spending money on a cage and foods for a new pet. You can hire a chicken if you love to have one. Companies, such as Rent the Chicken, will prepare chickens, coop, as well as all the food and supplies you need to get started. If you love your chicken, you can adopt it. If you do not, they’ll look for you at the end of the rental period.


Do you have a lot of dirt and are you tired of mowing it? Instead of hiring someone else to do the work, just rent some goats. They are cheaper than a lawn mowing service and are excellent for removing invasive plants, such as kudzu, ivy, thistle and poison oak. There is very little that a goat will not eat. See Rent a Goat, for pricing information, or see if there is a similar service available in your area.

Designer Formal Wear

Look Awesome at weddings and black tie events, by renting the perfect outfit. Websites such as Rent the Runway and Style Lend allow you to rent designer dresses at a fraction of your retail price and save money. You can choose how long you should keep it, and there are many options in the range of $ 50.

And if you need shoes or a hanging bag for your dress, there are also rental options for that. Check out Bag Borrow or Steal and Village Luxe. For guys, there’s The Black Tux. They rent tuxedos, shoes, ties, and all other accessories.

Your Neighbor’s Garage

Renting a storage unit is expensive, and it can be difficult to access your things when you need it. If you have reached the maximum of your available storage space, see if you can rent space from one of your neighbors. Websites such as StoreWithMe and Store at My House, make it easy for people to list their basements, sheds, garages and additional attics. A neighbor’s rent is usually cheaper than renting from a storage facility and could allow you to keep your things closer to home.


Rent flowers or plants for special events, instead of paying large amounts of money for flower arrangements. You can even rent full-size trees if you need to create a temporary privacy screen or a background. This is an excellent option for weddings and parties. Everything is perfect, and it is picked up after your event, so you do not have to do anything. 800 Plant It Ships plants anywhere, although you may be able to find a local company that offers plant rentals.

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Celebrities rent or borrow bling for big events, and you too can. Use a site like Adorn to rent diamonds, high-end watches and more. For a couple of hundred dollars, you can borrow the kind of jewelry that most people could only dream of owning.

Garden Space

Do not let the lack of yard prevent you from growing a garden. Find a Community Garden, where you can rent a plot. Then, put your hands on the ground. Since you will have to come and go to take care of your plants, be sure to choose a location that is convenient for your home or office. Some community gardens charge a nominal fee; others only require you to help with garden maintenance.

Stop and consider all the things you can rent and how much you could have saved or will save if you rent those clothes you intend to wear to an event for cheaper bucks. I want you to think about the amazing things you can do with your savings.


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