What is a Twitter Party


Twitter parties can be excellent marketing opportunities for large and small businesses. In this blog post, I will share in detail everything you need to know about the Twitter party.

Within this post, I answered questions such as:

A Twitter Party is also called Twitter chats. This happens when small business owners create a hashtag on a subject and then invite their Twitter followers to follow that hashtag at a specific time and converse with other followers.


What is a Twitter Party

A Twitter party is a live social networking event where participants gather to talk about a particular topic. Like conventional parties, a Twitter party has a host or a group of hosts. Those who join the party have to use a specific hashtag in their tweets.

These events are a fantastic way to establish your brand or position yourself as an expert. They are also a good way to find commercial connections. Above all, Twitter parties are great for building an image of authority in your niche when you give intelligent and honest answers to the host’s questions.


For attendees, a Twitter party is a fun event where you can make new friends, chat on a topic that inspires you or that interests you and, potentially, win prizes. Twitter parties are also an excellent way for influencers and new bloggers to meet with colleagues and learn more about the brands they admire.

For sponsors, a Twitter party is an excellent way to interact with new and established fans and customers, increase the buzz of their social networks, align their brand with specific topics that are important and win new fans! It’s like having a meet and greet in your store, but everything is online.

Big and small brands are using influential social networks to organize parties on Twitter. Our best advice is to choose an influencer who is already well versed in the issues that are important to you. For example, it would not make sense to have an influencer who is known to be gluten free to organize a party for a company that has products that contain gluten.


Before now these parties did not exist. But now, in this wonderful age of dialogue that is both one-on-one and many-to-many at the same time, we can sit at home in our pajamas as we join a virtual party that connects hundreds of people around the world.

The conversation sequence is based on the hashtag (#) and it allows us to meet many people and chat and laugh while we talk intimately with the brands we love.


A Twitter party usually has one or more hosts that publish about the event in advance, invite their followers and spread the message through their various social media.

The host(s) tell people what the Hashtag (#) will be ahead of time in a blog post announcing the party. The Twitter Party Hashtag could incorporate the name of the brand, the thematic area, the location or other influential factors. It can be difficult to decide on the hashtag, so the host must spend some time selecting a good match for the party.

In many cases, Twitter Parties have brand sponsors that award prizes to randomly selected participants. The winners are usually selected by one of the hosts who organize the event and the sponsors and then send the prize directly to the winners.

Depending on the topic of discussion at the party, there may be a panel of invited experts to participate in the conversation.


  1. Join someone else’s Twitter party. If you have recently joined Twitter and/or have less than 2,000 followers, consider joining another Twitter party.

The parties, some of which are regularly scheduled, exist in each subject. If you are a clothing store, try to connect with a fashion blogger. If you’re a cupcake shop, try to connect with a leading bakery blogger and ask to join one of their next guest chats. Most likely, the blogger not only allows you to converse with their followers but also can connect your business or product to a large audience.

Not sure where to find existing chats/parties? Search Google and see what exists

Search Twitter chats about a topic and finds out which chats you are interested in that involve your community. When you find a popular one, contact the moderator to see if you can be a guest. Just remember to throw in a topic that includes useful information for the moderator’s community.

  1. Prepare. Twitter parties can move quickly, so plan what you’ll say and ask in advance. Plan every minute of the conversation and comply with your ideas and established questions. Determine a goal for the party in advance and consider issuing tweets through TweetDeck or HootSuite before it starts.
  2. Market your party in advance. Choose a hashtag that your followers will remember and several weeks before your party slips it into your posts.

Not sure how to choose a hashtag? Search on Twitter to make sure you are not copying an existing one.

  1. Invite the followers personally. Leave comments on industry blogs that have the same topic as your chat or direct message clients prospects and influential people on Twitter who you think might be interested in joining.
  2. Choose an exciting topic. Consider the interests of your customers. Do you watch the news often? If so, try to link your topic to a current event.

Make the conversation light and fun, keep it open and encourage customers/followers to comment by asking questions.


There are so many benefits to organizing a twitter party and they are:

  1. Meet and greet your current followers and customers
  2. Extend your reach and find new followers and customers
  3. Create an interest in new product launches
  4. Direct traffic to specific stores in the USA.
  5. Generate excitement about your brand or new product
  6. Create more awareness of your product around the “digital moms” who love food, cosmetics, ecological, wellness and exercise products
  7. Talk about the benefits of your products
  8. Align yourself with topics that are important
  9. Point out the gap that your company is filling
  10. Answer questions about your company, products and/or services


The conversation during a Twitter party moves QUICKLY and it can be difficult to keep up. It can be very useful to use a website such as twubs.com or read this article to help you follow the Twitter Stream hashtag and allow you to pause/resume the flow.

Another common strategy is to use TweetDeck or HootSuite with multiple columns configured for the hosts of the party and the hashtag.

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